Which country you l...

Which country you like more: Australia, Canada or New Zealand?  

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Lowest cost of living: Canada

Quality of lifestyle: Australia

Education: Australia or Canada

Medical care : Canada

Natural beauty: New Zealand without driving or flying as much

Culture: Australia- Canada is too close to the US and New Zealanders want to be Aussies!


Australia has great beaches, is seriously hot in the summertime (and getting hotter), is overpopulated on the coast due to the inland being almost inhabitable, food is good although hideously expensive (eating out and in the supermarkets), living in a major city is seriously expensive.

Hospital system is above adequate verging on close to the best in the world, education system is good but has some gaping holes in it, most Aussies will spend their weekends watching one of the codes of football (on tv, at the pub or at the ground but generally with a beer in hand) or at the beach - unfortunately the Aussies are a bit on the brash side and have little appreciation of personal space or privacy (yeah, I know there are a lot of Aussies who will take offence to this … tuff) 0h and they love American humour.


Canada has beautiful scenery - coastline, mountains, plains, the weather is dependent on where you are - continuous rain, seriously hot, freezing cold, it never disappoints, the food is good, the health system is okay, education system is okay, it’s not too expensive but the standard of living is good.

Canadians are reserved Americans without any brashness or loudness who have their own brand of humour.


New Zealand has breathtaking scenery, food is fresh and fantastic, Kiwi accent takes a little getting used to, can be expensive to buy property but eating out isn’t too bad.

Grocery shopping is almost on par with Australia, health system rivals Australia, education system is very good with a few minor glitches, weather is good - ski in the morning and swim at the beach in the afternoon.

Bars and cafes are quirky and out of the box - something the rest of the world should probably take note of, clothing is cutting edge (up and coming designers are given space alongside mainstream brands - again not a lot of places around the globe will do this).

Kiwi’s in general are more adventurous - hiking, mountain climbing, camping are standard weekend activities. They also get the whole personal space issue. Kiwi’s love British humour - probably find american humour a little ‘gutterish’.


Take your pick. Three great places - depends on what you want in life.



Posted : 03/05/2019 2:45 pm
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