Which country is be...

Which country is better to live in, between the USA and Germany?  

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The USA is better if you are:

  • Very rich
  • Have very high income potential (Company executives)
  • An entrepreneur
  • A Nazi (Germany somewhat restricts political speech for this political faction)
  • Interested in a military career
  • Want to live in a deeply rural place with lots of your own land (Montana/Wyoming), without the government getting in your business
  • You want to homeschool your kids

Germany is better if you are:

  • Of an income level where there is ever a possible question about how you would be able to pay for a major medical emergency.
  • Opposed to being involved in wars
  • Interested in going to college for free
  • Interested in learning a trade
  • An atheistĀ 
Posted : 03/05/2019 4:53 pm
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