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How to take a good selfie?  

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1. 'Rule of thirds'

Remember to place your face towards the top right or top left corner of the frame so that your eye line falls somewhere around the one third of the frame from the top. Composition of a photograph is important. Yes, even if it is a selfie!

2. Don't want to appear too narcissistic? Use both your hands.

An awkward hand jutting out to capture your pretty face doesn't look that great most of the times. Try using both your hands. A lot less awkward and a much more stable picture! Also, you can crop the picture easily and remove your arms from the frame.

3. Try to click during the 'magic hours'.

Photographers will confess to clicking the best pictures in natural light. In fact the hour after a sunrise and the hour before the sunset are considered to be the 'magic hours' will help create the best pictures.

4. Click with your friends or pets.

You look better when you are clicking with people you love or your pet. You start smiling naturally. And not just from your lips, but from your eyes. Also you get the best picture in your frame!!

5. Accessorize your look.

You have a pair of bold sunglasses? It's time it made a public appearance in your selfie. Flaunt that scarf too. Whatever helps you break the monotony. Accessorizing helps fill your picture with more colours and it looks much why not give it a go.

6. Do away with crowded backgrounds.

Noise should always be reduced while clicking a photograph (anything which is not a subject of the story that you are trying to tell through your photograph is noise). Solid colored walls, textured curtains make for good backgrounds.

7. But that does not mean that you can't accommodate an amazing background into your selfie.

You can totally click in front of graffitied walls and beautiful surroundings. Albeit, artistically. Remember to maintain the harmony of your pictures it just adds on to the beauty of the picture.

8. Click from different angles.

Change of every degree will give you a different picture. Keep experimenting until you get that perfect angle. IT will help you highlight certain features of your face. (Now I know why everyone tilts their face while clicking a selfie!)

9. Don't take selfies in the mirror.

Please don't. There's always the chance of capturing something that you did not intend to. And it can turn perfectly fine pictures into a nightmare. You can never be careful enough.

10. Attempt to compose your photos with tones of blues and beiges instead of reds and greens.

According to Instagram data, people like photos which contain earthy tones get more engagement than reds and greens. 

11. Try to use the back camera as often as possible.

The back camera mostly has a better resolution and hence leads to better looking pictures. It will provide you the best picture you can get but you will have to be careful while adjusting the angles.

12. Don't block landmarks from view while clicking selfies on your vacations.

So you are standing in front of the Eiffel Tower? you want to click a selfie? Please don't block the tower from the view not only it ruins your picture but also you miss on a great memory.

13. Avoid unintentional photobombs.

Photobombs can be funny. But when they are unintentional, they ruin a selfie which could have been brilliant. So stay alert and avoid such disasters. We all know that feeling when a perfect picture is spoilt by an unintentional photobomb.

14. And your own thing.

Chances are, you will always look better than I do. Cheers and have a happy selfie clicking day ­čśÇ

Posted : 03/05/2019 4:58 pm
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