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You’ve been offered numerous avenues for how you can immigrate to the US, all of which may or may not be feasible for you based on various details in your life.

It is true that the most common reasons for immigration are education, employment, marriage, and refugee-scenarios.

You’ll have to consider your situation to know which path is the most ideal for you.

Here is a simplified “cheat sheet” for various work and education-related visas you may be interested in.

  • H-1B Visa-ideal for working temporarily or for a specialized occupation
  • H-2B Visa-intended for seasonal employment
  • E-2 Visa-a solution for those interested in starting a business in the US
  • L-Visa-an option if you are interested in relocating your career to the US
  • J-1 Visa-if you are interested in being a student
  • EB-5 Visa-another solution for those interested in starting a business
  • O-Visa-ideal for those with “exceptional abilities”

Identifying the best option for immigration is only the start of the process. Immigration is not simple and many laws are set in place that make it tedious and complex. I would like to offer some insight into the reasons that most visas are refused. This may help you narrow down you options, and avoid mistakes that can greatly impact your future.

Top reasons for visa denial:

  • Incomplete application-the individual that interviews you and reviews your application is referred to as a consular officer. If this individual does not see ALL of the proper documentation, then they will not be able to approve your visa.
  • The applicant filed under the wrong visa-if you do not meet the basic criteria for the specific visa that has been filed on your behalf, then you cannot be approved. Selecting the right visa for your situation is absolutely critical for approval.
  • Ineligibility due to present or past actions- For example, if you have broken laws in your home country then this may make it impossible for approval on a visa.

Of course, it is best to situate yourself for the best outcome possible. An incredibly resourceful option is to consult with an immigration attorney about your potential choices—it could mean the difference between approval and denial. You don’t want to set yourself back by making simple mistakes.

Posted : 02/05/2019 4:13 pm
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